Hymen kit in Lahore

Artificial Hymen kit in Lahore Pakistan is also known as artificial repair virginity kit is kind of prosthetic membrane made for the purpose of simulating a save human hymen.


Hymen Kit in Lahore


As you know hymens can broke with any physical activity, but many women are concerned for restoring their virginity.Hymen reconstruction,hymen surgery, Hymen repairing, is all terms that refer to Hymen-o-plasty or plastic cosmetic surgery that repair the femalevirginity or hymen. While theHymenoplasty method requires you to admit to a hospital and it can cost you thousands of rupees, but we bring Hymen Kit in Lahore Pakistan the artificial hymen gives you cheaper and easy way to be again virgin.

How To Use?


Insert this Artificial Hymen into your vagina with very carefully. It will expand a normal and you feel tight. When your husband willpenetrate a liquid will come out that appears like blood, just at that right amount. It is very easy to use it, medicallyapproved and really non-toxic to human and most importantly it has no any side effects, no kind of pain to use and no allergic reaction would be appear.


Wash both hands completely with a good soap to make sure the possible clean level. Open the Aluminum cover packing and completely unfold this Hymen kit, then insert itcarefully inside the vagina using your fingers. If you feel that yourvagina is dry, and then dips the Hymen kit in water and then insert into the vagina.Put this Hymen kit in the vagina not more than 25-30 minutes before sex. Note this please insert the Hymen kit in the vagina no more than 30 minutes before you have sax because it may result losing its form and then dissolve automatically inside the vagina.

Finally when you had the intercourse, clean the vagina from this blood. Note that some of the Hymen kit will dissolve in the vagina and it will not come out or fall outcompletely after the sex.

Important Note


When you will buy from our website you will get a completely discreet packing no matter you buy Hymen Kit in Lahore or any other City of Pakistan. No one except you will know what is inside this packing and what the purpose of this thing is. All Prices are with FREE home delivery to anywhere in the Pakistan or specially Hymen Kit in Lahore Lahore destination. Regain your virginity in two minutes with this new and latest and advanced item. Now you can feel confident and feel satisfaction and marry in confidence for only some thousand rupees. Now there is no need of surgery. No need of needles and no need of medication. No side effects at all. Now free home delivery all over the Pakistan and it will be complete discreet delivery of Hymen Kit in Lahore and in all Cities of Pakistan as well.

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Hymen Kit Price in Pakistan 4000 PKR Only


Hymen Kit in Lahore

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